My Top Five It-Bags

Picking your first designer bag can be exciting, but it also be a little overwhelming especially when you’re deciding wether or not you should drop 1k on a purse!

By the time I turned 20 I was a working woman, and found myself ready to step up my purse game. Although stores like Aldo and Spring made chic bags, they never lasted long in my arms and I guess it’s true when they say you get what you pay for.

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30


I’m going to start with the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy Bandouliere 30. This was my first designer bag (minus the bandouliere) and I love it! I recommend getting the bandouliere because hand-carrying can be such a pain, but I do love the classic look a bit better. If you have a busy lifestyle it’s a lot easier to throw it over your shoulder and grab your kids, dog, or groceries. On the downside this bag can look a bit saggy, but a purse organizer is an easy fix. Other than the sagging the only other con is the Damier Azur. The DA is perfect for spring and summer and works well with warm colours but please be cautious of colour transfer! (yeah JEANS i’m talking about you..) So keep in mind the Monogram tends to be a lot more versatile and safe.

2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM


While we’re on the topic of Louis Vuitton, let’s talk about this iconic bag! This is a very common bag and can be so versatile. It really lives up to it’s name because it’s neverfull, and that’s what I love about it. This size is big enough to comfortably fit a 13″ Macbook or textbooks, but it doesn’t have many built in pockets. Luckily it does come with a removable zippered clutch that can be used separately or as an added pocket. I adore the monogram print with the cherry and would easily settle for the pivoine interior. I find the pop of colour so refreshing year round.

3. Chanel Classic Flap


Have you been dreaming about this bag as much as I have or do you already own 10?  With a selection as diverse as Chanel’s it’s hard to find at least one flap that you wont fall in love with. Owning a Chanel is like letting yourself into an elite group of women from actresses to royalty to you! Not only are these bags timeless but they will last forever, seriously forever. Durable Leather > Durable Canvass. If you can afford to seriously splurge I say do it, but fair warning their smallest bags cost more than my first (and second and third) car did.

4. Michael Kors Studio Mercer Satchel


For my ladies on a budget this ones for you! Michael Kors has been on top when it comes to mid-ranged designer bags offering a big range with a small price tag. Similar to the LV Neverfull, this bag is equipped to carry your laptops and books but also has an interior slip pocket and a zip pocket. If you’re looking for something a little more compact I’d suggest the MK Selma Saffiano Medium Leather Satchel.

5. Chloe Drew Bag


I am definitely obsessed with this bag! It’s such an easy transitional bag from day to night and the colour selection is seemingly endless. There’s no doubt that you’ll get so many compliments with this bag. I prefer the small size to the mini because it fits a bit more than you’d expect.

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