I put ketchup and mustard on my hot-dogs or sometimes only ketchup. I don’t know how to play chess, sometimes I read the last page in a book first and I have a green snuggie. I fell while dancing in the shower and had to get stitches in my arm. I peek between my fingers during scary movies, and always pause the TV if i have to pee.

My name is Lauren but I think my name is weird (sorry parents) and I grew up in Vancouver, BC but I move around way too often. I’m currently in Winnipeg, MB! I love to travel and hangout with bae (yep, I said bae) and my beautiful and slightly stupid puppy, Fillis.

“Are u sad? Feeling down? Look at your hands. Think about all the dogs they’ve petted. Feel happy. So much happy.”

I mainly created this blog to share what I love most (quick hint: I’m a purse junkie, dog obsessed, coffee addict who drives across Canada way too often).

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